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All about Alpacas

With over 22 yrs experience of breeding alpacas in the UK we are happy to share our knowledge with you. Do get in touch.

Webinars & practical on-farm Workshops

We provide expert independent flexible training to meet your needs.

Remote access, face-to-face, introductions, meetings, webinars & bespoke husbandry workshops on-farm.

Stud Services to advance your herd

Our stud males are available for outside services each summer (t & c’s apply) providing unique bloodlines to enhance coloured breeding programs.

Consultancy & start up advice

Experienced in farm set-up & pre-purchase site visits. We offer advice for farming alpacas as a business.

Welcome to Alpaca Power

With years of experience breeding alpacas in the UK, we share our knowledge and experience of farming these unique animals. We offer advice, support, educational webinars, hands-on training, and consultancy services if needed.

We have carefully bred our herd of approx. 90 black and coloured huacaya alpacas over many years using carefully selected bloodlines to provide a diverse genetic base whilst offering fresh genetics to the UK.

We are committed to providing support & guidance for the life of our alpacas. Explore our website to discover how we can help you enjoy owning alpacas to the full.

Alpaca Sales

Whether you are looking for your next stud male, wanting new bloodlines, or wanting a small herd of companion male alpacas ideal for grazing, trekking or therapy purposes, we have quality alpacas in most colours. We match alpacas to buyers to suit requirements & budgets.

Alpaca Fibre Sales

Alpaca fibre from our herd is not wasted, it is all used. Sold to or processed by companies for us within the UK, we offer a range of high quality, undyed alpaca products for a lifetime of enjoyment, made in Britain.

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Join us on the farm, the highs, the lows, & learning all about these truly unique animals we feel honoured to share our lives with.