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Start building your herd today


The alpaca industry is still at an early stage of growth in the UK, with only an estimated 35,000 animals in the country at this time. There is enormous potential to improve the quality of the fibre whilst increasing the numbers of the national herd and adding to the sustainability of the industry. The standard of our alpacas is improving year on year and we are already rivaling other countries with the quality of the stock we are breeding. We are also exporting top quality animals into Europe from the UK. There are opportunities with alpacas for people with anything from 1 acre to 1000 acres, from pets to a hobby or to a serious breeding enterprise.


When to buy alpacas

Start growing your herd today

When to buy alpacas

Chalford Bertie aged 10 months


Ages and numbers


Pet males should be weaned and be at least 6 months old before purchase. They should be easy to handle and ideally should be halter trained. Non breeding males are castrated at around 18 months of age. Castration while the alpaca is young and growing rapidly is to be avoided or angular limb deformities may occur. Some pet males will be sold at around 2 years of age and will already be castrated (known as a wether). We recommend 3 males or wethers as the minimum ideal number. Females can be bought at weaning (unproven as breeding stock) or may be purchased pregnant, with or without cria at foot. Older, experienced females with a breeding history can also be purchased and are ideal for new owners. Prices will vary according to genetic quality, fleece quality, age and breeding status.