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About Alpacas

What, Why, When, Where, How


We hope you enjoy learning more about alpacas on this website. We have included all the essential information and some of the more unusual facts about alpacas. Whatever your level of interest, we hope this site gives you the information you need. If you would like to have a chat about alpacas or have specific questions then we will be happy to help you. Alpacas really are a pleasure to own and often become addictive. We became obsessed with alpacas in 2002 and now keep around 50 alpacas on the farm in most colours but focus on fine, soft, true black.



Coloured alpacas


For coloured alpaca enthusiasts, we have included details of breeding for specific colours. We are pleased to share our knowledge on breeding predictable colours within our herd. Understanding and applying colour genetics is fascinating. As well as black, we breed harlequin greys and mid and dark fawn alpacas.



White alpacas


We do not selectively breed white alpacas. However, if you like what we do and are interested in breeding elite white alpacas then we can put you in touch with breeders who specialise in breeding the very best. Focusing on quality management and high herd health status, we are pleased to recommend breeders who share the same desire for excellence.


Knowledge breeds success


The information about alpacas on this site comes from what we have learned over many years. We also source our information from recognised text books. As time evolves information needs updating. Health knowledge in particular, changes and increases. We aim to keep our information as up to date as possible to help new owners discover the wonderful world of alpacas.



About Alpacas

Chalford Jenna – 3 generations of black breeding

About Alpacas

Chalford Cara – from fawn bloodlines


About Alpacas

It’s portrait time!