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Which Alpacas to Buy?


Firstly, you need to decide why you want to keep alpacas. Do you want a few to keep the grass down or be companions for a pony? Would you like to breed your own herd? What will you use the fibre for? Do you want to show the animals or their fleeces? The amount of land you have will determine the number of alpacas you will be able to keep.


Why not come and talk it over with us? We have the experience to advise you. We can make some suggestions you may not have thought of. We can also put you in touch with other reputable breeders who may just have that perfect alpaca!


Pets, Companions, grass cutters, fibre providers, flock guards


Young male alpacas or wethers are the ideal choice if you do not want a breeding herd. Most male alpacas are not suitable as stud males but have lots of ‘amenity’ value. Gentle, calm, friendly and adaptable, alpacas are ideal for small acreages. Alpaca boys from Alpaca Power are usually available in most of the colour groups including black, fawn, brown and grey. Not all alpacas have the right temperament to be suitable as flock guards so please let us know if this is what you would like.



Breeding alpacas


There is a lot to think about before buying breeding stock. What do you want to see in your fields in 5 or 10 years time?
Consider maximum numbers, goals and aspirations as well as breed, colour, fleece quality, pedigree, genotype, phenotype and budget. There are specific guidelines for alpaca conformation and fleece traits which should be understood before buying breeding stock.



Attend a 1 day course to find out more


Why not attend an Introduction to Alpacas Workshop at our farm? Our course is designed to answer your questions and give you hands-on experience to help you decide whether alpacas are for you. We provide our Introduction to Alpacas course as well as fleece workshops, husbandry training and ongoing advice and support for our clients old and new.



Which alpacas should you buy?


Alpacas do vary in size, appearance and quality. Don’t buy the first alpacas you see. Price can vary alot and the most expensive or the cheapest may not be the alpaca that is most suitable for your needs. The most expensive alpaca may not always be the best either! Buy alpacas from a breeder you like and trust and who will support you in the future. Do feel free to bring a knowledgeable person with you for advice.

Good luck and enjoy !



Which alpacas should you buy?

Chalford Floyd – 1 day old cria. I am so cute !

Which alpaca should you buy

Chalford Jemima with her new cria Jenna