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Plasma and Colostrum

Colostrum is the mothers first milk. It is vital a new born cria receives enough colostrum within the first few hours of life. Colostrum contains antibodies which give the cria immunity passed on from the mother until it is old enough to develop its immune system and its own immunity to diseases and infections.


Plasma and Colostrum

Supplementary feeding for an orphan 6 week old cria.

Alpaca Plasma


Please note: we do not currently have plasma in stock.

Alpaca Power keep a supply of frozen alpaca plasma, sourced from our own alpacas. If you are worried about a cria not getting an adequate feed of colostrum from its mother (failure of passive transfer) then plasma is an excellent source of antibodies.



Powdered Colostrum


We also have Osmonds Powdered Colostrum. This is very useful to have in case of emergencies. it is useful aid in supporting a weak cria and ideal when fed in conjunction with plasma.


Powdered Colostrum is available in 100g sachets or 500g bottles.


If you need help with a cria then please feel free to contact us.



Plasma and Colostrum

Powdered colostrum