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Who are in our core herd?


Our Core Herd

Our core herd is mainly black

Our BAS herd name is Chalford after the village where we started with alpacas. Most of our core herd animals now carry the Chalford prefix.


With regard to colour most of our core herd are solid true black. We also have some fawn, grey and harlequin grey alpacas which we will continue to develop as our breeding program progresses.


With a new batch of cria every year we have all age ranges on the farm. Our original females purchased in 2002 are still with us and living an idyllic retirement. Our first female was a black female Chilean import. She was born in 1997 whilst in quarantine in Switzerland and died Oct 2016. Our first three alpacas have served us well and paid for themselves many times over. Thank you ladies!


Not all of our females breed every year. Some of the older ladies have every other year off. It is hard work rearing a cria and allowing the mother to get back into tip top condition before the next one comes along is the responsible thing to do.


Female cria are named after the first letter of the mothers name. This gives us an easy reference with regard to parentage. We know all our alpacas by name and sight, even all the black ones (and in the dark!). Occasionally after shearing we might mix two yearlings up for a moment or two!


Although listed in our core herd, these animals may be offered for sale. Our herd changes every year and we are happy to sell a few top females each year to other breeders wishing to develop or add to their own herds.



Our Core Herd

True Black females