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It's all about the fibre!


It’s all about the fibre.. at Alpaca Power we are committed to working towards a sustainable British alpaca fibre industry. The alpacas are amazing but without a market for the end product, there is little point in developing a national herd.


We have been working tirelessly for years to create a woven alpaca product to be proud of. We manage each stage of the processing with our partners to bring you the softest, most exclusive, British woven alpaca which is 100% alpaca and comes from our own named alpacas.


All alpaca fleece can be used, none of it needs to be wasted (or stored in your garage!). The best prices will always be offered for the best quality fibre but alpaca fibre is very versatile. Investing in quality females and breeding to top quality males will improve the quality of the offspring. This is the best way to improve the quality of the national fibre herd. We believe that the future lies in alpaca breeders working together to achieve the production of luxury alpaca products in volume. Breeding the finest fibre will result in a sustainable, high value end product.



Properties of alpaca fibre


The properties of alpaca fibre are numerous. It is a very versatile fibre with a wide range of uses. it can be knitted into luxury sweaters, tops and jumpers. Because it is hardwearing, socks, gloves, scarves and other items of clothing are often made from the courser fibres. Felting the fibre shorn from the alpacas legs and belly provides products such as bags and scarves. Suri alpaca, in particular, is ideal for being woven. blankets, throws and shawls as well as cloth for suits and coats. Suri fibre has great lustre and is heavier than huacaya. Alpaca is also used in the UK to make luxury pillows and duvets which are hypoallergenic and approved by the vegetarian society.



Alpaca is Eco Fibre


Alpaca is an environmentally friendly fibre which is shorn from the alpaca (without killing) once a year by professional shearers. Sorted and graded by hand it is then spun and produced by British fibre specialists. Alpaca comes in many natural shades and so does not need to be dyed, therefore eliminating the need for harmful dyes and processes which can affect the environment.


It's all about the fibre

a top quality grey fleece

Fleece Show Results

Chalford Pioneer – 1st place – Intermediate black fleece


Alpaca is the Fibre of the Gods


Alpaca fibre is a light hollow fibre which is very strong, very warm and has very good wicking properties. It does not pill or bobble as much as other natural yarns and quality alpaca can be worn next to the skin without the ‘prickle factor’. People report they are allergic to wool as it makes them itch. This is due to course fibres over 30 micron. Quality alpaca ranges in micron from 14 micron to 24 micron, ensuring there is no itch !


British companies need more british fibre


We are proud to be supporting the work of Penrose Products Ltd and are pleased to act as a fleece depot for them.
if you have thirds or fleeces over 28 micron and you would like to contribute to a successful british initiative, then we would love to hear from you.


Want to know more? Contact us to find out how you can sell your fleece and help grow a sustainable British Alpaca Fibre Industry.


It's all about the fibre

Bales of alpaca fibre ready for collection by Penrose Products


100% british alpaca fabric from Alpaca Power


Alpaca Power is delighted to have supported the World Alpaca Conference with our own black fabric. We now have available an exclusive, limited amount of very fine pure black woven cloth from our award winning black alpacas. Limited amounts now available at £90 per metre. The cloth is 1.5 metres wide. We will post out samples on request.