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Hope Fleece Show Results





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We have been able to get our Hope Fleece Show results hot off the press!  A big thank you to Donna and Neil Stalker of Honeyfield Alpacas. They attended the show today and were very pleased to pass on the Hope fleece show results in exchange for a little alpaca babysitting…


I spent a lovely day at Honeyfield Alpacas keeping an eye on three heavily pregnant alpacas whilst enjoying the sunshine. These elite ladies are very white and a change from my black, grey and fawn girls. Naturally, they did everything they should during the day… except give birth. 🙂 However, I am sure Donna will be happy to resume her midwife duties.


So the Hope Fleece Show Results are in. We sent 5 coloured fleeces away and got 6 rosettes back. Happy days! We were very hopeful about our new fawn herd sire Wellground The Ferryman. He was first in his class and took the Best in Colour award as well. We are delighted with him and with 5 black females pregnant by him we are very much looking forward to seeing what colours we get. ‘Ferry’ narrowly missed out on Best in Show. That honour went to Donna at Honeyfield Alpacas with her stunning white fleece from Honeyfield Intrepid.


With 4 generations of black alpacas now, Chalford Perception is a second generation female so we are pleased with her 2nd place result. She will be bred in the Spring to The Ferryman. Third generation male, Chalford Pioneer was second in the Intermediate Black. I think I overskirted his fleece. 🙁


The two Chalford grey fleeces were 2nd and 3rd. Cappuchino, our rare harlequin grey male, continues to impress as a senior. We are very keen to show senior fleeces, especially herd sires. Fleece scores add to our breeding data and demonstrates the continued quality of our herd sires as they get older. It is a shame there are so few entries in the senior fleece classes…


Chalford Perception – Junior Black Fleece – 2nd

Chalford Flynn – Junior Grey Fleece – 3rd

Wellground The Ferryman – Intermediate Fawn Fleece – 1st and Best in Colour

Chalford Pioneer – Intermediate Black Fleece – 2nd

Chalford Cappuchino – Senior Grey Fleece – 2nd


I managed to get some pictures even though it was dark…


Hope Fleece Show Results

Best in Colour – The Ferryman’s Fleece

Hope Fleece Show Results

Chalford Flynn – Junior Grey

Hope Fleece Show results

Chalford Perception – Junior Black Fleece

Hope Fleece Show Results

Chalford Cappuchino Senior Grey Fleece



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