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Alpaca Blog

I can’t believe it! We finished haymaking by the middle of July. The weather was fantastic and we have a really lovely crop. We have a few less bales this year because we had such a slow start to the year. However, we still have a grand total of 220 bales which is definitely a case of quality not quantity.


Last year it was the middle of September before we could get the tractor in. We were not sure we would get any at all. Luckily there were 5 days of dry weather and we got the bales in the barn just as it started to rain. We ended up with almost 500 bales which was actually a great result given the lateness of the year.


Back to this year, we have plenty to sustain the beasties over the winter. We only have 45 alpacas now so will have enough new season hay to last them. We advertised last years hay as we still had over 300 bales. It is ideal for alpacas but also horses and ponies and it sold out quickly. Some of the not so nice bales from the bottom of the pile are becoming seating at a local charity event which is a great use for it.


The new stuff smells absolutely gorgeous and the cats are covered in their new ‘hay perfume’ when they finally drag themselves in for dinner. We have the hay field fertilised each spring which keeps it top notch and it is full of lovely grasses, clovers and no nasties such as ragwort.







and after…


Safely in the barn



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