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Alpaca Blog


I know, I know, it’s only August and winter is far away. But I like to be organised…


The cria have been born and the youngest are due their second vaccinations in 2 weeks. Our first 2 cria, born in April, will be of weaning age before we know it. The ladies have been rebred and they are sorted for another year. We try to keep our births together and only breed our girls from May up until the end of July. Any late ones are carried over until next Spring. The Ferryman is a lovely natured boy and has proved to be up to the task, shall we say.. He started work the day after his second birthday and has bred 5 of our black girls for next year. Can’t wait to see what colour they are.


So back to being ready for winter. This years hay is in and we should have plenty to get us through the longest of winters. The empty fields have been topped and I have even done a bit of harrowing. This will need doing again in October or so. The barn has been cleared out ready for winter housing for the alpacas and we just have some old hay left to clear out now. This goes down to the back of the farm where it can rot down away from the animals. I love it when everyone is in the barn on cold, wet and dark days. They lounge around with lots of hay and warm water (yes really) while we spend most of our time replenishing and shovelling…Hopefully this is not too depressing for readers given the lovely weather we are enjoying 🙂


The major job at the moment is sorting out our leaking barn gutter. This is the main galvanised gutter that joins our 2 barns together. Last winter, during all that rain, it literally poured in and flooded the boys ‘bedroom’. We moved them to another part of the barn it got so bad. The gutter itself is in good condition but the joints need sorting out and resealing. The alternative was to take the roof off and replace all 120 feet of gutter. It never seems to be a job solved by a visit to the DIY store !


We do need to deliver alpacas to their new homes and thanks to Guiness, we have a small amount of fencing to repair 🙁 More about his antics soon! I will clean and grease the tractor and all the gadets. There is always something to do but we are mostly under control.


Some people are still expecting cria so I will probably get a bit of flack for this posting…. 🙂




Grand River Holyfield in winter – not amused!



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