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Alpaca Blog


Autumn has arrived and so have the acorns !

Last year there were none at all. This year it is raining acorns ! The alpacas will eat them if they get the chance so every autumn we move the alpacas out of the fields which have oak trees. The trees are in the hedgerows and so don’t cause too many problems for us. Howeve, one field cannot be used at this time of year because it has 5 oak trees. It has been harrowed already and will now stay empty until next spring. Ooh, I am looking forward to birthing season already….


Acorns and alpacas


Alpacas will eat acorns but they can cause health problems including constipation, diarrhoea and choke. Judging by the amount of poo we have I don’t think constipation will be a problem 🙂  In the home field, where the girls are, we try to beat them to the few acorns that fall. There are a few committed acorn enthusiasts in that group.



Oak trees


There are more acorns this year than ever before

In the garden we are enjoying a bumper crop of walnuts. Last year we had 5 ! This year we are up to 3 bags so far and there are still more on the trees. Happy days –  we are sorted for Christmas. Although by all accounts the weather is going to be awful this weekend 🙁  We are al prepared for ‘The Perfect Storm’ and hope all will be well. Here’s hoping it’s not anything like the film…







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