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Alpacas For Sale

from our Chalford Herd

We do not currently offering any alpacas for sale.


Our customers love the honest service we provide and often come back to buy more alpacas (if they have enough land that is..) Ensuring our alpacas will be well cared for and meet your requirements is key for us. We love happy alpacas and happy clients !


What you can expect from us


  • A professional, friendly and comprehensive service.
  • Advice on buying the right alpacas for your needs, ensure you have the information you need to make informed choices
  • Fleece data and fibre samples
  • Detailed animal information and handover notes at the point of purchase.
  • Up to date vaccinations, worming, full health history and handover notes.
  • Enferplex blood test to confirm bovine tuberculosis free health status for each animal before delivery.
  • For new owners we can help you with farm/field preparation, delivery and settling in of your alpacas.
  • Quarantine facilities and advice on setting up your own.
  • We include all husbandry and management training
  • Long term after sales support as part of what we do.
  • Our alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society.


We manage our alpacas and our farm to the highest standards. Our herd is one of the most bio secure herd in the UK and we are passionate about herd health. Buying healthy ‘fit for purpose’ animals is an important consideration for new owners of alpacas and we can advise you. We show fleeces and use fleece analysis to assist in the evolution of our breeding program. We are also very happy for you to speak to our vet about our herd.

For new and existing breeders, we have spent years developing our herd using high quality alpacas in our breeding program and we offer you unique black and coloured genetics to help you achieve your goals. Ultimately, we are committed to helping new owners look after the alpacas we have bred.


After sales support


We pride ourselves on providing you with long term service and support. We help our alpaca owners with queries, information and practical help as required. This means anything from answering questions over the phone, to farm visits and assisting with breeding and fibre processing decisions as well as supplying feed and hay.



Alpacas for Sale

Female alpacas for sale in a range of colours and ages


Alpacas from our Chalford herd


Many of the black alpacas in the UK are now related.


Alpacas from our herd offer a fresh choice of bloodlines for those wishing to add genetic diversity to their breeding program. Black is our speciality – if you are looking for true black alpacas or a different bloodline for your herd then do arrange to come and see us.  We now have progeny from our new Elite black male MFI Kapow of Chalford (Sire MFI Peruvian Black Mesquite – a game changer in the USA) and Warramunga Downs Miguel of Fowberry.


Our herd sires offer recognised, but less common, bloodlines from around the world including Peru, Australia, North America and the UK. When considering breeding alpacas as a business it is important to identify your potential market and be able to offer something a little different to your future clients whilst ensuring quality. Please contact us to learn more about our unique breeding program.


Most of our sale animals will have won fleece prizes at some stage in their lives. Alpacas are offered in a range of budgets depending on age, breeding history, fleece quality and genetic background. Fleece statistics and samples are available as well as full health history for each animal. We can even tell you what products their fibre has made…




Alpacas for Sale

Chalford The Artful Dodger and Chalford Pluto (both now sold and working as herd sires in Spain and France)


Pet/companion boys make a stunning addition to your fields.


We have young males and wethers (castrated males) for sale in a range of colours. These boys are ideal as stylish grass cutters, companion animals or luxurious fibre providers. We select for temperament as well as colour and fine fleece quality. We will advise you on the most suitable alpacas for your specific requirements.



Recently shorn and ready to go...

Recently shorn and ready to go…


Alpacas For Export


If you are considering importing alpacas from the UK, we are pleased to provide an export service. We hold an export license for exporting alpacas into Europe. All purchases include export certificates and pre-movement testing. Transport can be arranged using specialist alpaca transporters at additional cost. Overseas visitors are welcome to come and view our herd by appointment. Accommodation is available with us at the farm for visitors. Alternatively, there are several B&B’s and hotels available locally.


Some advice on buying alpacas (from any herd)


We recommend you ask lots of questions before committing to a purchase. We recommend you review herd records and farm setup. What is the herd health status? Quarantine worming protocols should be followed prior to delivery. Isolation protocols should be followed when introducing new animals to an existing herd. For individual high value alpacas, insurance is available, and we do recommend you consider insuring your investment.



Alpacas for Sale

Some of our pregnant females