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Alpaca Facts

A snapshot

Alpaca Courses and Workshops

Alpacas are intelligent and enjoy new trying new things

Alpaca Facts

Horses enjoy the company of alpacas once introduced

Alpacas are;


  • available in two breeds
  • the huacaya – with a crimpy fleece, sheep like fleece
  • the suri – with a long lustrous fleece which hangs in tight locks
  • long lived – alpacas live for approximately 20 years
  • of manageable height – 1m at the shoulder 1.5m at the head
  • of variable weight – an adult weighs between 55 – 90 kg (120 – 200 lbs)
  • available in 12 main colours and many shades of each
  • very intelligent and can be halter trained
  • slow producers with females having only 1 cria per year
  • efficient grazers and browsers, ideal for smaller acreages
  • selective feeders who enjoy variety (beware of poisonous plants and trees)
  • sociable and can be kept with other animals such as horses, donkeys, sheep, poultry
  • easy on the ground – they have soft feet which don’t poach the ground
  • happy to travel – can be transported in a livestock trailer or horse box and sit when travelling
  • tidy – they choose specific toilet areas in the field
  • very inquisitive
  • appreciate gentle, respectful handling
  • enjoy a good roll in the dust
  • enjoy sunbathing
  • like CATS….ask us why!


Alpaca Facts - a quick list

Naomi and Calamity enjoying pea pods

Alpaca Facts - a quick list

Cheeky having a snooze in the sunshine