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Alpaca 'board and lodgings'

Considering Alpaca Agistment?


Alpaca agistment is the term the alpaca industry gives to ‘board and lodgings’ or alpaca livery. There are many reasons for Alpaca Agistment. At Alpaca Power, we are pleased to agist alpacas at our farm when purchased from us. We do not accept alpacas from other farms in order to maintain our very high herd health status and biosecurity.


If you need help getting started with alpacas then agistment could be for you;


Are you looking for high levels of support at the beginning of your alpaca journey?

Are you still looking for the perfect home, smallholding or farm?

Are you thinking of investing in one alpaca to start your herd?

Agistment can be short or long term depending on your circumstances. Owning alpacas is very rewarding and building your own herd even more so. Over the years we have helped many owners grow their herds from just one alpaca. If you would like to learn more about about this option then please do get in touch.


Agistment at Alpaca Power


We are very fortunate to have a farm which our alpacas are pleased to call home. For added peace of mind, the perimeter of our farm is securely fenced with buried badger proof fencing. The top line of the fence is also electrified. We are not longer a strictly closed herd through choice. We buy in herd sires from time to time but our animals do not leave the farm unless sold. Biosecurity measures include restricted vehicle movements, disinfection foot baths and restricted access, all common sense methods to maintain our high herd health status.

Care includes unlimited grazing on acres of established pastureland, ad lib hay and/or haylage all year round and Camelibra mineral supplement daily. Grass and pea based supplementary feeds are fed if required and we offer natural and barn shelter. We will also carry out all routine care and arrange shearing. Close observation is provided by us and we have years of experience at spotting any problems at an early stage.

We do insist that alpacas are insured.


Alpaca Agistment

Grazing females with their cria in the summer

Alpaca Agistment

The barns at Shepherds Close Farm on a frosty morning