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Farm consultancy – field to farm setup


Farm consultancy is something that we are experienced at and happy to provide. We have many years experience of farming alpacas as a business. Whether you are keeping alpacas as a business or a hobby, there is alot to think about. We have helped may people over the years with every aspect of alpaca ownership. We include this service as part of our aftersales commitment.


Field or farm layout is very important. Our farm setup offers just one example of how a field or farm may be laid out. Alpacas much prefer a straightforward form of management which does not include chasing, grabbing or brute force! Getting your set up right at the start means you will be able to manage most tasks efficiently and single handedly if required.



Farm consultancy

Fencing types and paddock sizes


Good pasture management and correct nutrition is another key area which enables alpacas to produce cria or fibre of the best quality. We are happy to advise of the best methods of feeding to minimise competition between alpacas and disease risks. Diet affects the alpaca directly and can influence the quality and fineness of the fleece.


High standards of health and welfare are possible with good management to minimise herd stress. We can advise on biosecurity for your animals and we recommend herd health planning with your vet. Prevention is better than cure.



on the scales

A good management setup provides respectful, efficient animal handling.